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3D licensed professional engineers are problem-solvers – achieving improved functionality while keeping costs low and quality high.

Construction engineers — at least the best of them — are problem-solvers. They must possess a deep understanding of infrastructure life cycles… yet at the same time, they must be able to develop intricate and cost efficient solutions when a technological challenge arises.

3D’s licensed professional engineers are among the industry’s finest problem-solvers, applying their skills and knowledge as part of 3D’s Value Engineering Process. Through this process, our engineers perform a value analysis of a project right from the onset, to remove unnecessary costs without reducing quality, safety, life cycle, reliability, dependability and aesthetic considerations.

The Value Engineering Process becomes particularly rewarding when the design team works together with the owner and the 3D construction team toward the common goal of achieving improved functionality, lowered costs and higher quality during the pre-bid planning and design phase.

In addition to solving cost concerns, 3D’s professional engineers are masters in designing excavation plans and structural systems on a regular basis. To accommodate the surging demand, 3D maintains a license to provide engineering in Kentucky, where we are headquartered.

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